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June 4, 2020

Supplementing Hair Growth with Viviscal Pro™

Viviscal Pro

Once thought as a problem faced only by men, hair loss is becoming universal. Though there is little to no health risk with hair fall, it can damage one’s self-confidence. As a result, many people turn to ineffective supplements and shampoos that claim to solve the problem but may worsen it.

The Cause of Hair Loss Woes

Pure oxygen scalp treatment

Hair grows from a follicle and is nourished by blood vessels that transport nutrients it requires to grow. Many reasons may lead to hair loss.

Hereditary Male- & Female-Pattern Hair Loss

The hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is thought to be responsible for causing the follicle in which the hair resides to constrict and eventually lead to hair loss. This is a derivative from the hormone testosterone which is found in large concentration in males as compared to females. In females, the hormone estrogen can balance out the effects of the small amounts of testosterone produced in the body. However, after menopause, women begin to experience hair thinning as estrogen production falls drastically and thus the relative concentration of testosterone and in turn DHT increases. [1]


Stress can be another causal factor of hair loss. With the highly demanding environment in office experienced by the working class, it is not a surprise that more people experience problems with hair loss. Stress causes the production of the hormone adrenaline which in turn triggers the body to convert testosterone to DHT. Without sufficient hormones to counterbalance this, it affects the strength of the hair which leads to hair loss.


Lifestyle choices can also lead to hair loss. Having a poor diet that lacks sufficient protein and iron would also cause hair loss as the rate at which hair is growing is unable to outpace the rate at which it falls. Excessive hair products such as styling gels and hair spray can clog the hair follicles and impede hair growth. Lastly, smoking can cause decreased circulation, reducing the amount of blood flow to the hair follicles. This would mean that insufficient oxygen is transported to the hair follicle for growth and maintenance of strong healthy hair leading to hair loss.

The Cycle of Growth and Repair

Hair Growth Cycle

To properly curb hair loss problems, a basic understanding of the hair growth cycle is required. The anagen phase lasts about 2-7 years and will determine the length of our hair. This is when the hair attaches itself to the dermal papilla. As we get older, hair thins as the anagen phase becomes shorter. At the Catagen or transitional phase, The hair follicle shrinks and detaches from the walls of the dermal papilla and lasts about 10 days. The telogen phase is the resting phase where the hair is no longer attached to the blood supply. Without nutrients to sustain it, it appears limp and lifeless. The cycle begins again when a new hair grows and pushes out the old strand of hair.

Viciscal Pro™ Hair Supplement

To help hair follicles grow healthy, hair follicles must be nourished from within. This is the reason why most shampoos and hair care products have little effects as they are not able to reach the hair follicles deep within the scalp. Viviscal Pro™ aims to tackle this problem by providing nutrients directly through the bloodstream. Made up of biotin, apple extract and the most groundbreaking complex AminoMar™, it aims to provide sufficient proteins and marine complex that works to significantly strengthen the hair and promotes hair growth of follicles that have slowed or stopped growing altogether.

“Awarded Best Supplement for Thinning Hair”

Womens weekly

It has not only won numerous awards such as the Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair awards for the best oral supplement, but it is also well-loved by the likes of celebrity actresses Gwenyth Paltrow and Jenifer Aniston. Clinical trials have shown that after 10 weeks, clients reported a 46% decrease in hair loss and overall, 75% of patients experience a significant decrease in hair fall. [2]

Cambridge Therapeutics is the official distributor of Viviscal Pro™ supplements.

The perfect Pairings: Treatment and Supplementation

At Cambridge Therapeutics, we believe in nothing but the best for our patients. Along with the Viviscal Pro™ supplements to help our clients with hair loss, we have come up with two scientific methods to tackle the problems of hair loss.

Firstly, our Glow + Genosys Hair Loss Treatment takes three of the most efficient technologies in the field of hair care to come up with a revolutionary solution to hair loss. Firstly, your scalp will be deeply cleansed with Venus Glow™ device making use of ultrafine jet streams and gentle vacuuming to eliminate dirt and oil from deep within the poor all while massaging the scalp to improve circulation to hair follicles. After the scalp is cleaned of all impurities, the Genosys HR3 Matrix is micro needled into the scalp. This serum is the latest brainchild backed by highly respected Korean research that targets hair regrowth by extending the Anagen phase, restoration by supplying essential nutrients to the follicles to increase hair thickness and regeneration by increasing new red blood cell formation. Furthermore, the microneedling creates the added effect of collagen and fibre production that strengthens hair follicles and increased efficiency of product absorption into the scalp. Lastly, the SMARTLUX laser treatment functions to tie the treatment together by calming and soothing the scalp while stimulating increased circulation to the hair follicles to encourage hair growth at a cellular level.

We also have come up with the Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment with collaboration with Korean Dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin. Starting with a detailed scalp analysis, our therapist will help clients better understand the cause of their hair fall be it an oily scalp or an overly dry and irritated one. This will then be followed by cleansing of the scalp to prepare it for treatment using the same high-tech Venus Glow™ cleansing system. Based on the previous scalp assessment, either the INOPEP or BIOSCALP hair growth factor system would be used to address existing scalp problems. INOPEP is created for those experiencing dry a sensitive scalp while BIOSCALP tackles problems related to overly active oil glands connected to each pore. Highly concentrated oxygen jets are used to gently infuse these products into the scalp to stabilise the cellular environment for better uptake of the products. This is then completed with SMARTLUX laser treatment which as mentioned above calms the scalp while increasing circulation. Our therapist would then give a light blow-dry to send you on your way looking flawless.

Are you facing hair loss concerns? Speak to our consultants today to find out more on the early treatment options to prevent hair loss.

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