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Fat Freezing & Cryolipolysis Treatment

Fats are natural substances found in our body that allow some vitamins to be used. They also keep our skin looking healthy and are the main way that our body stores energy. However, pockets of fats are often formed because of an imbalance between the number of calories consumed and the number of calories used.

Genetics is another factor that may cause some people to have more fats, because of the genes which help the body conserve energy and store fats. In addition, lifestyle habits also contribute to weight gain. These poor lifestyle habits, such as drinking sugary drinks, eating high-calorie foods, or living a sedentary lifestyle without enough exercise, might have been developed during our childhood. We might carry these habits into adulthood, and this unhealthy lifestyle, if sustained over a long period of time, can cause us to become fat. Additionally, stress can also cause us to become fat if it affects important natural cycles in our bodies, such as our sleep cycle. The disruption of our natural cycle causes the hormones that control our hunger and appetite to work differently and will, in turn, can cause us to consume too many calories, resulting in pockets of fats forming in our body.

Although these pockets of fats are difficult to get rid of regardless of how much we diet or exercise, Cambridge Therapeutics offers advanced fat freezing treatments that can diminish these fat cells permanently. Fat freezing treatments, such as the ones offered by Cambridge Therapeutics, freeze away your fat without any invasive or surgical procedures. This means that there are no needles, anaesthetics, downtime, or pain involved with these treatments. Instead, fat freezing treatments gently and effectively target fat cells underneath your skin in a controlled fashion to freeze the fat cells. These cells will die after being frozen in a controlled manner, leaving your body to eliminate them naturally, and resulting in a body that is greatly contoured even after only 1 session.

Before and After Cryolipolysis

Fat Freezing at Cambridge Therapeutics

Both the Clatuu 360 treatment and the CryoSculpt treatment offered by Cambridge enhance fat freezing technology to remove unwanted pockets of fats more quickly and effectively than other methods. Our team of trained professionals will do a diagnosis during your consultation before discussing the treatment which is most suitable for you.

Before and After Clatuu 360 Fat Freezing
*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary

Clatuu 360 Fat Freezing

The body is greatly contoured by targeting areas such as love handles using controlled cooling techniques, so you can see abdomen fat loss of up to 5cm after every session.* This non-invasive and non-surgical fat freezing treatment is highly recommended by our trained professionals because no needles nor anaesthesia are involved. This makes it safer and faster than other treatments, and also prevents the treated areas from developing adverse post-treatment effects.

❄️ Surround Cooling for up to 40% fat reduction
❄️ Dual Applicators - Freeze 2 areas at once
❄️ Eliminate stubborn fats
❄️ Safe & Comfortable
❄️ Non-invasive, non-surgical
❄️ No downtime, no needles, no anaesthesia

With the latest Clatuu Alpha, expect both bigger & smaller cooling applicators to target more areas than ever before. With cooling cups that fit all curves and contours from as high as your chin all the way down to the knees :

*NEW* Double Chin
*NEW* Axilla (Armpit Fat)
*NEW* Outer Thigh
*NEW* Below Buttocks
*NEW* Knees

✓ Arms
✓ Bra Fat
✓ Abdomen
✓ Love Handles
✓ Flanks
✓ Inner Thighs

Clatuu 360 Fat Freezing

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Clatuu 360 Fat Freezing

Before and After CryoSculpt fat freeze therapy
*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary

CryoSculpt fat freeze therapy

CryoSculpt is a non-invasive, safe, and proven fat freezing treatment that promotes increased metabolism while reducing fat. CryoSculpt, a type of, uses medical-grade equipment that has been designed by doctors and supervised by professionals to ensure our client’s safety. CryoSculpt uses a technologically advanced and professional cryolipolysis system that provides 4 main functions, namely Fat Freeze, Fat Cavitation, Fat Ultrasound and Fat RF Tightening, making it more effective than other fat freezing methods and will yield visible results even after 1 session. Cambridge recommends that clients combine any 2 major functions simultaneously to not only save time, but also to double the efficacy of the treatment. The integrated nature of the fat freeze technology, which combines CRYO, VACUUM and LED technology to free and eliminate fat cells, makes cryolipolysis highly effective and results in visibly smoother skin and reduced cellulite from the first session.

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