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Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment Singapore

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For Dry, Itchy, Oily, Sensitive Scalp

Globally, more than 35 million men and 25 million women are afflicted with issues relating to the scalp, such as dry & itchy scalp, oily scalp, sensitive scalp and dandruff. Though this condition is not life-threatening, it can do a number on one’s self-confidence. This can open up a plethora of problems not only in one’s personal life but also in one’s career, especially for those employed in image-conscious sectors such as entertainment or public relations. It is important to first understand the different scalp conditions that lead to hair loss before one can begin to take the proper steps to treat it.

Types of Scalp Conditions

The most common types of scalp conditions are either the ones that cause the scalp to be excessively oily or the other extreme where it causes the scalp to be extremely dry and itchy.

Oily Scalp

First, let’s take a look at the oily scalp. Each hair follicle comes with glands that secret natural oils created by the body known as sebum. This oil is used to ensure that the scalp does not dry out and to also protect the hair follicles. However, it is the over-secretion of sebum is that causes oily scalp. Excessive oil would retain higher amounts of dirt and pollutants from the air which encourages the formation of dandruff. It also causes the hair to clump together giving off the characteristic oily sheen and result in limp and lifeless looking hair. If oil secretion is severe enough, it can clog the pores containing the hair follicles which may eventually lead to hair loss.

There are many causes of oily scalp. Excessive washing is one of them as every time one washes their hair, nerve endings in the scalp send signals to increase sebum production. This is to replace the sebum washed away. However, too many instances of this will kick oil production into overdrive leading to oily scalp. Shampoo is used to break down and wash away the oil found on the surface of the scalp as water is unable to so. However, if one chooses to skip this step and simply wash the hair with conditioner or water, it may lead to excessive oil build-up. Lastly, it is genetics and hair type. Some people are genetically more prone to excessive sebum secretion and this may be paired with those with straight hair. Without any texture, it makes it very easy for the oil to slide down the hair onto the scalp thus further worsening the build-up of oil.

Dry & Itchy Scalp

Next, we will look at dry and itchy scalps. Most people who have this run into the frustrating problem of constant discomfort and scratching accompanied by visible signs such as scabbing along the hairline or dandruff. Most of the time, it can be fixed with changes to lifestyle and choice of shampoo brands. However, other times, it is a more chronic problem that may potentially lead to hair loss if left untreated.

Factors such as yeast infection, sensitivity to seasonal changes and fluctuation in the internal hormonal balance may lead to dandruff where the scalp becomes dry and itchy and begins to flake. Other conditions that may lead to an itchy scalp may be signalling at deeper more serious health issues such as diabetes, lupus or possible anxiety disorders. These should be looked at by the relevant health professionals.

Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment’s Benefits

Many people fall into the trap of home remedies and run of the mill hair products. Though there is no doubt these solutions can be cheaper, they do not address the literal root of the problem. The reason why these other treatments are not as efficient is simple, they are not able to reach deep within the roots of the hair.

Scalp treatments, on the other hand, are specially designed by professionals to tackle the problems related to the scalp. They can effectively unclog hair follicles from oil, dirt and dead skin that had built up. By cleaning out the build-up, it resets the natural sebum secretion cycle to help achieve normal oil secretion.

The massage portions of the scalp treatment help to improve blood circulation to the scalp which brings important nutrients that will nourish and create an optimal environment for a healthy scalp. Exfoliation also helps to get rid of the layer of dead skin cells that causes dandruff leaving a fresh layer of healthy skin.

Lastly, and certainly, most importantly, this is a form of early prevention. If problems related to oily scalp or overly dry and irritated one is allowed to persist, it may eventually damage the hair follicles causing early hair loss. On top of treating the existing scalp problems, it also helps to promote the healthy growth of strong hair.

Dr Kwon Han Jin

In partnership with celebrity Korean dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin, we have created a customised, medical solution to tackle the problem of hair loss. Dr Kwon is trusted by many Korean stars to make them look as flawless as they do.

Oxygen is vital to every living creature on this planet. It powers all chemical reactions that occur in our body, including those that control the scalp environment. Oxygen encourages the active repair of damaged cells in the dermal papilla (the skin layer of the scalp) and is transported via tiny capillaries. By increasing oxygen supply to these skin cells, it can help to combat scalp issues by either increasing moisturising dry scalp or decreasing oil production in oily scalp. Building on this knowledge, we have come up with the Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment. A scientific approach to tackle these issues.

  • Premium medical-grade growth factors with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Increase scalp blood flow and microcirculation, activating scalp for better absorption of growth factor serums
  • Prevents excessive hair fall
  • Strengthen hair follicles for thicker & stronger hair
  • Restore volume to thinning hair
  • Supply nutrient to stimulate healthy hair growth
  • Promotes neocollagenesis (the process of generating more collagen)

Real Patients Results

Before and after hair treatment
Before and after hair treatment
Before and after hair treatment

Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment

Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment

Step 1: Scalp Analysis

We begin with an in-depth analysis of the scalp using a hair scope. This step helps our therapists determine the main problems be it having an oily scalp or a sensitive and dry one. The scalp type of patients would determine the type of serum used in later parts of the procedure.

Step 2: Venus Glow Scalp Cleansing and Detox

This will be followed by the Venus Glow Scalp Cleansing and Detox. The scalp is first cleansed of impurities using the Venus Glow Scalp Detoxifying device. This ensures that any dirt or pollutants are removed from the surface of the scalp so that the serum is better absorbed.

Each pore is deep cleansed with water jets and gently vacuumed to remove oil and impurities. The water jet and vacuum action help to massage the scalp as well thus improve circulation and blood flow in the capillaries beneath the scalp.

Step 3: Oxynova Life Hair Growth Factor and Anti-inflammation Oxygen Spray

Based on the previous scalp assessment, either the INOPEP or BIOSCALP serum would be used to address existing scalp problems.

The INOPEP system has growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties. Growth factors are cells that have no purpose – like blank slates and they can be induced to differentiate into hair cells promoting cellular regeneration. The anti-inflammatory properties than help to soothe dry and irritated skin for those experiencing problems with a dry and sensitive scalp.

The BIOSCALP system contains minerals, vitamins and proteins that can help to regulate oil production in the scalp. This helps to quell the problem of the hair follicle being regularly clogged up which causes hair loss. There is also the presence of growth factors to further promote hair growth.

After the use of the serum, the highly concentrated oxygen is then used to further infuse the products and improve blood circulation to the follicles. This not only helps to stabilise the cellular environment for the systems within the serums to take effect, but it also increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the dermal papilla further accelerating the recovery process.

Step 4: Venus Viva Diamond Polar Scalp Massage

This process uses patented pulsed radiofrequency to deliver energy to the hair follicle growth factors and the scalp. The energy waveform provides biostimulation to the scalp and follicle’s cells to promote circulation, regulate hair growth and reduce inflammation.

Step 5: SMARTLUX Hair Laser Treatment

The next step would be the SMARTLUX Hair Laser Treatment. Every cell in the body would have tiny organelles known as mitochondria – these are the powerhouses of the cell that produce energy in the form of ATP. The wavelengths of the laser allow for the mitochondria to begin production of ATP which is then used to increase the rate of cellular division and thus increase the rate at which conditions are taken back under control. A study conducted by Harvard also found that lights of such wavelength were able to stimulate the growth factors already present within the hair follicles.

Step 6: Styling

Lastly, we will give your hair a light blow-dry and styling to send you on your way.

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