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January 2, 2021

Needleless Rejuran - Overview, Procedure, Cost & Recovery


Rejuran, a regenerating skin treatment that has gained much popularity primarily in South Korea in addition to other Asian countries, in recent years. It leaves the skin smoother, refreshed and moisturised by successfully healing and reducing signs of ageing by reviving the skin’s natural curative ability to reconstruct its own collagen structure.

With Hyaluronic Acid paired with the remarkable properties of c-PDRN, Rejuran Booster offers several benefits to the skin. When cast into the dermis, it aids in enhancing the skin’s collagen production and furthermore, to brighten up the skin tone, stimulating an refinement in the condition of damaged skin in addition to activating cell renewal. These two vital ingredients aid in bringing about collagen and elastin growth.

Experience the effects of Needleless Rejuran with
  • No needles
  • No pain
  • No downtime
  • Visible same-day results

The Needleless Rejuran Procedure

Needleless Rejuran is a relatively advanced treatment that has been established into the aesthetic world where the serum is distributed and cast deep into the dermis without harming the surrounding skin cells and tissues through a non-intrusive method. This clinically proven procedure yields immediate results via a transdermal delivery system to successfully issue the serum, Rejuran Booster without the use of needles, no pain, and no downtime. 

At Cambridge Medical, we administer the Rejuran Booster with the help of our technology, JetPRO. With an entirely new concept, Needleless Rejuran doesn’t just brighten and heal the skin, but also repairs while correcting ageing issues through treatments that are comfortable and soothing.

The Needleless Rejuran procedure lasts around 45 minutes, not including the consultation. Once the treatment is over, patients will be able to return to their daily routine. On certain occasions, some patients may encounter a little swelling and redness in the treated areas. This tends to settle down within a few hours so they should not worry. After the treatment, patients should also avoid excessive heat, sports and exercises for a day.

Step 1: Lymphatic Drainage

A pleasant and relaxing massage for detoxifying the skin and stimulating micro-circulation.

Step 2: HydraDermabrasion

Removal of dead skin cells to prepare the skin to receive nourishment when infusing Rejuran.

Step 3: Needleless Rejuran
  • Delivers fine misty jet streams of high-velocity Rejuran at subsonic speeds.
  • Powerful jet streams that create microchannels to facilitate deep subdermal delivery of the Rejuran.


When it comes to Needleless Rejuran, one of the points to note is that the device, JetPRO does not use any needles, and there is no skin breakage at all. Therefore, the treatment is 100% comfortable, painless with zero downtime. Patients will be able to resume their daily routine after the treatment. Some of the patients occasionally could encounter redness and some swelling in the areas treated though that usually calms down within a few hours. 

Results can be noticed instantly after the first sessions for most clients. Cambridge Therapeutics recommends 3 sessions at an interval of 3 weeks for best results. Another point to note is that to notice any visible improvements in the skin will take some time as the PDRN ingredient takes a certain duration to show the skin effects and repair the skin from the inside.


Enjoy your first trial of our Needleless Rejuran at $380. For our latest promotions, visit our Needleless Rejuran page here.


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