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October 11, 2021

5 Skincare Tips for Men


Keeping up to the good-skin game can be hard. From fighting those pesky pimples past puberty to identifying your first signs of wrinkles, men have traditionally kept their skincare routine simple. 

Understandably, starting a skincare routine can seem intimidating and you’ve probably found yourself wondering whether toners and serums are necessary. Read on for this set of quick and easy tips to follow for your beginner’s skincare routine! 

Identify your skin type 

Before you deep dive into the kind of products you should use, it’s important to understand your skin type to know what fits best. Men tend to have oily and thicker skin due to testosterone — this is often why you’d notice your skin being shiny and greasy, and why many men’s skincare products are formulated to combat oil!

If your skin stings and burns after trying products you may have sensitive skin. Choose products that have more natural ingredients with fewer irritants. It’s also important to figure out your triggers so you can avoid the ingredient in other products moving forward. You could get a patch test from a dermatologist or allergist to see what could be causing a reaction. 

Flaky, itchy or rough skin are common indicators of dry skin, so load up on a heavy moisturiser and avoid harsh, drying soaps. If it happens often and drying is severe, you may need to consult a doctor. 

Lastly, combination skin would have a mix of oily and dry patches. Look for products that are specifically formulated for combination skin. 

Now that you’ve identified your skin type, here are 5 tips you can consider:

1. Wash your face daily with a cleanser

If you’ve been washing your face with just water, you’re doing it wrong. Using a cleanser can help slough away dead skin cells and dirt that make your face look dull and clog your pores. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type in the morning, night, and after you exercise. For a deeper cleanse, use an exfoliating scrub once a week. This can also stimulate the growth of new skin cells for a fresher face. 

2. Moisturise 

Adding moisturiser to your daily skincare routine is very important. It works by trapping water in your skin, which can help reduce fine lines and brighten the skin. For the best results, apply immediately after you bathe as damp skin can seal in moisture. Similarly, choose a moisturiser that is best suited for your skin type. For example, If you have oily skin, pick a water-based product. 

Shaving dries out the skin too! After you’re done shaving, apply moisturiser for maximum effect.

3. Hydration is key

Yes, moisturising and hydrating are two different things! On top of moisturising your skin, your skin needs moisture from the inside as well. Get at least six glasses of water a day, and avoid drinking too much alcohol and caffeine. These two beverages can dehydrate your skin. If you want to get ahead of the hydration game, give your skin a boost with hydrating facials like:

The Aqua Jet Facial — This treatment involves a 3-step Korean Therapy to exfoliate the skin, remove dead skin cells and provide hydration. The radial tips of the Aquajet Facial tool allow rapid diffusion of the solution into your skin. While providing hydration, this treatment can also improve complexion, smoothen skin texture, tighten skin and increase skin radiance. 

The OxyREPLENISH — This treatment uses technology that is capable of generating up to 98% of pure oxygen, which is infused at high pressures to reach the basal layer of the skin. By plumping up dehydrated skin cells, it replenishes your skin with oxygen and hydration. It can also give your skin other nourishing ingredients like peptides. This results in skin renewal and clarity — giving the skin the moisture it needs to leave it supple and smooth. You’d see an improvement in your skin structure and reduction of wrinkles in just one treatment. 

4. Sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!

We cannot stress this enough, especially in sunny Singapore. The sun weathers your skin faster than anything else — its damaging UV rays can speed up the ageing process by slowing collagen production and cell growth. [1] It is also the number one cause of skin cancer. If possible, avoid the sun when you can and invest in a good sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher for broad-spectrum protection. 

If you’re out and about, remember to reapply sunblock every two hours or more, especially if you’re doing strenuous physical activity. 

5. Stay healthy 

Taking care of your body will help it to glow on the outside too. Load up on fruits and vegetables by selecting a variety of fresh produce with antioxidants, like blueberries and carrots. It can help fight free radicals, inflammation, sun damage, and ageing. [2] Stick to a sleep schedule with at least eight hours of slumber to give your cells time for skin repair. 

Hopefully, this set of tips will help you in building an effective skincare routine that works best for you. Once you’ve gotten familiar with these tips, you can expand with other products that can benefit your skin. From anti-ageing to brightening, there are a variety of products available for you to achieve glowing skin, in and out. 

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