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March 3, 2021

4 Ways To Look Younger Without Surgery


Did you know that most women get stressed over the physical signs of ageing? Undereye circles, fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, and age spots are just a few griefs of getting older that causes us to lose sleep. While plastic surgery is rising in popularity, going under the blade comes with significant risks that make you think long and hard, along with the hefty price tag that comes with it. Fortunately, it is possible to restore a youthful glow without a medical procedure.

What Happens As We Age

As we age, the fibres responsible for giving our complexions a firm, smooth appearance grows weaker, leaving us with wrinkles and sagging skin. Production of collagen slows down, and the elasticity of our youthful skin begins to diminish as other factors come into play. [1] After age 30, the collagen levels in your skin and body begin to drop by 1-2% each year. [2]

One of the factors is the loss of fat in our faces. The soft, full, and glowing look we associate with youth is gone as bone structures changes, and facial fats disappear, leaving us with sagging, loose skin.

Another major culprit responsible for our more matured look is the sun. Years of unprotected sun exposure and baking in tanning beds show up on our faces as wrinkles, fine lines, pigmented areas, and rough patches. As if this is not enough bad news, the little oil glands that keep our skin soft and supple reduce leading to dry skin as we age.

How Can We Appear Younger

Regardless of the number of candles are on your birthday cake this year, there are numerous ways you can turn around the signs of ageing for a more young, dynamic look. The best part is that you will not have to go under the blade. We have listed three different at-home remedies and an aesthetic treatment you can opt for to look more youthful without a medical procedure.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been all the rage for its anti-ageing properties. It can improve your skin's appearance and texture to look younger. Vitamin C is among the three antioxidants proven to reduce the sun's harmful effect on the skin and potentially prevent future sun damage. Additionally, it also encourages collagen production to promote skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This super antioxidant targets stubborn skin discolouration and reduces the presence of redness, dark circles and hyperpigmentation. [3]

The best way to incorporate Vitamin C into your skincare routine is through a serum. After toning and cleansing, spread a tiny amount of vitamin c serum on your face and let it absorb for a few minutes before continuing with the rest of your skincare routine.

2. Vitamin A

The wrinkles and freckles we associate with ageing appear most prominently on the skin that has been exposed to the sun. Vitamin A, which is otherwise labelled as retinol, helps blur dark spots and stimulates new skin cells' production. These are only the serums and creams available over-the-counter.

Clinical-strength retinoids can restore the skin by treating inflammation, reducing fine lines' appearance, and evening out your skin tone. Other than boosting collagen production and treating the signs of ageing that are already visible, vitamin A can also prevent future sun damage potentially. [4]

Dermatologists recommend applying retinol as part of your nighttime skincare routine. However, due to its strong intensity, start slowly and build up your skin's tolerance to avoid redness, flakiness, or a burning sensation. Make sure to apply retinol sparingly around your eye area, which is usually one of the first visible signs of ageing. Retinol takes about 3 months to produce noticeable anti-ageing benefits, so incorporate it in your skincare routine for at least 3 months to notice results.

3. Makeup

The least invasive at-home remedy on our list is one you may already possess in your cosmetic bag. When applied with the right technique, makeup can transform your appearance and minimise the appearance of the physical signs of ageing.

To start off, use a primer to create a smooth complexion. This helps reduce the presence of large pores and fine lines by filling them in before you put on the rest of your makeup. Then, go in with foundation using a beauty blender or your fingers. To avoid an obvious line, blend along your jaw.

To achieve fake full lips, find a lip liner that matches your natural lip tone and lightly draw over your lips' border for a fuller pout. Top with a sheer gloss for a finished look. Bold and defined eyebrows can likewise make you look more youthful. Search for a brow pencil that is a combination between a pencil and a powder to fill in any holes and create the illusion of fuller brows.

For enhancement of the eyes, utilise a cream shadow in a neutral shade and apply powder illuminator to the inner corner of your eyes. Cream and silicone-based cosmetics work best for ageing complexions as they blend into the skin and offer a perfect, natural-looking finish. Avoid powder as this can settle into your fine lines and can make the signs of ageing more evident.

4. SygmaLIFT HIFU Facelift  

Cambridge Therapeutics offers SygmaLIFT's latest second-generation HIFU facelift (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) as one of the newest treatment for non-surgical facelifts. This entirely transforms facelifts into a pain-free, injection-free and surgical-free experience for all users.

The treatment consists of focal lines and micro-ultrasound to rejuvenate the face non-invasively. It concentrates 1000 intersecting beams of ultrasound energy at a target depth in the skin tissue with extreme precision. Each beam of energy creates a progressive thermal and mechanical action that enhances the drainage of fat cells and eliminates it.

HIFU SygmaLIFT facelift has an innovative Tri-Micro Focal Ultrasound feature that allows it to target 3 depths of skin (at 1mm, 1.5mm, and 2mm) production of collagen and to stimulate collagen production. This triple focal pulsed mode can target the eyes, forehead and mouth, and is clinically proven to stimulate bioactivity, remodel collagen fibres, promote oxygenation and regenerate tissue from the inside-out. The result is a HIFU procedure comparable to a full facelift, mini facelift or other surgical procedures and surgical facelifts by plastic surgeons. By tightening and lifting, not just the skin layer, this type of facelift is perfect for facial contouring and treating sagging skin or excess skin.

HIFU SygmaLIFT facelift also incorporates Cold Laser technology to promote healing and tissue repair further. The 635nm red laser works at 2 levels of the skin – at the epidermis and deeper subcutaneous tissue, to increase collagen synthesis and growth factor production.

Benefits of SygmaLIFT HIFU Facelift:

  • Increases skin hydration and moisture retention
  • Calms redness and inflammation
  • Accelerates skin repair and healing
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Stimulates circulation within the skin

SygmaLift HIFU Facelift can treat the face by:

  • Contouring the chin and jaw-line
  • Tightening and rejuvenating the skin
  • Contouring the eyes
  • Lifting the eyebrows
  • Softens fine lines

Cambridge Therapeutics recommends 3-6 sessions, once a week. Results can be viewed immediately and can last up to 12 months.

Enjoy your first trial of our SygmaLIFT HIFU Facelift at $300. For our latest promotions, visit our SygmaLIFT HIFU Facelift page here. There are a number of remedies you can employ to look younger without surgery, but these remedies are unfortunately temporary unless you keep up the routine regularly. SygmaLIFT HIFU Facelift is a better option if you are looking for long term permanent results to diminish the signs of ageing.

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