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April 23, 2021

Why do I have a dry scalp?


People tend to forget about their scalp and how their hair plays a big part in framing their face. A good hair-do makes a huge difference to your appearance and does wonders for your confidence. Your scalp has all your hair follicles — which means the key to optimal hair health is the condition of your scalp. While some may battle with an oily scalp, a dry scalp is more common than you think.

What is a dry scalp? 

Itching, flaking and irritation are signs that you have dry skin and that too little of the oil is keeping your skin moisturised. As such, your scalp can also dry out and suffer the same symptoms. A common issue that plagues many individuals, a dry scalp can be frustrating and severely affect your quality of life, especially when the unsightly powered particles collect on the top of your head or clothes.

Why do I have a dry scalp?

Washing your hair too often

Your hair has natural oils and washing your hair every day can strip your scalp off these essential oils that keep it hydrated and promotes optimal hair growth. With time, you can dry out your hair to a point where it becomes brittle and breaks. [1]

Depending on your hair type, you should look at washing it a few times a week if you have fine hair and once a week for coarser hair types. If you have trouble identifying your hair type, check in with your stylist or dermatologist, where they can give you a proper assessment.


As we age, the condition of our skin may change and will be able to retain less moisture. As such, we may experience dry scalp.

Hair products

Gels, creams and balms can build up on your scalp and form tiny flakes and itching. [2] For example, overusing your dry shampoo. Other products may also contain ingredients that can cause a contact dermatitis rash from irritation or allergies. 

It is important to note that a dry scalp should not be confused with other forms of skin conditions like dandruff, which also manifests as a red, oily and scaly scalp. Dandruff affects approximately 50% of the general adult population worldwide. [3]

Psoriasis, another skin condition, can also cause the skin to turn scaly. Conditions like these would require a different type of treatment and possibly prescription medication for proper management.

How do I get rid of a dry scalp?

When tackling dry scalp, one can look at:

  1. Changing your shampoo or hair products. Some shampoos contain anti-fungal medication to kill or reduce fungal propagation and control skin cell production. Others can control the scaliness of the scalp along with reducing skin production to reduce flaking.
  1. Drink enough water. Your skin may be dehydrated and as such, lead to a lack of moisture.
  1. Review your hair-washing habits. Are you washing it too much or too little? It might be detrimental to scalp health and the trick is finding the right balance. It is also dependent on your external environment, the humidity and how often you sweat. 
  1. Improve your hair care routine by incorporating a hair mask to provide added moisture and nutrients to your hair and scalp.
  1. Try home remedies like tea tree oil which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. 

Ultimately, the recommended treatment for your scalp is entirely dependent on what is causing the dryness in the first place. However, if not a medical issue, some non-invasive treatments could help improve your scalp’s condition.

Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment

Oftentimes, home remedies and salves do not address the root of the problem. Scalp treatments are an effective way of effectively unclogging hair follicles from oil, dirt and dead skin that has built up. By cleaning the build-up, it resets the natural sebum secretion cycle to help achieve normal oil secretion. 

The massage portion of the treatment can help improve blood circulation to the scalp and provide nutrients that create an optimal environment for good scalp health. Proper exfoliation helps get rid of the layer of the dead skin cells that causes dandruff, leaving a fresh layer of healthy skin.

This treatment is also great for early prevention. If problems like dry scalp and oily scalp persist, it may lead to damaged hair follicles and eventually, hair loss. This treatment would help promote the healthy growth of strong hair. 

In partnership with celebrity Korean dermatologist Dr Kwon Han Jin, Cambridge Therapeutics has created a customised, medical solution to tackle this problem — the infusion of oxygen to encourage active repair of damaged cells within the skin layers of the scalp.

How does the Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment work?

This is a six-step treatment that helps provide optimal scalp health. 

Step 1: Scalp Analysis

The treatment begins with an in-depth analysis of the scalp using a hair scope to determine the main problems your scalp suffers from — an oily, sensitive or dry scalp. This would also determine the type of serum used further on in the treatment.

Step 2: Venus Glow Scalp Cleansing and Detox

The scalp is first cleansed of impurities using the Venus Glow Scalp Detoxifying device. This ensures that any dirt or pollutants are removed from the surface of the scalp so that the serum is better absorbed. 

Each pore is deep cleansed with water jets and gently vacuumed to remove oil and impurities. The water jet and vacuum action help massage the scalp to improve circulation and blood flow in the capillaries beneath the scalp.

Step 3: Oxynova Life Hair Growth Factor and Anti-inflammation Oxygen Spray

Based on the scalp analysis, either the INOPEP or BIOSCALP serum would be used to address your problems. 

  • The INOPEP system has growth factors and anti-inflammatory properties. These growth factors can be induced to differentiate into hair cells and promote cellular regeneration. The anti-inflammatory ingredients help soothe dry and irritated skin.
  • The BIOSCALP system, on the other hand, has minerals, vitamins and proteins that help regulate oil production. This helps to solve issues with hair loss caused by clogged up hair follicles. It also contains growth factors that help with cellular regeneration.

After the use of the serum, the highly concentrated oxygen is used to further infuse the products and improve blood circulation. This helps stabilise the cellular environment for the systems within the serums to take effect and increases the flow of oxygen to further accelerate the recovery process. 

Step 4: Venus Viva Diamond Polar Scalp Massage

Using patented pulsed radiofrequency, energy is delivered to the hair follicle growth factors and scalp. The energy waveform provides biostimulation to the scalp and follicle cells to promote circulation, regulate hair growth and reduce inflammation. 

Step 5: SMARTLUX Hair Laser Treatment

The wavelengths of the laser allow for the mitochondria, the powerhouses of the cell that produces energy in the form of ATP that is present in every cell in our body, to begin production of ATP. It is used to increase the rate of cellular division and increase the rate at which conditions are taken back under control. It can stimulate growth factors present in the hair follicles

Step 6: Styling

We will give your hair a light blow-dry and styling and you’re good to go!

What are the benefits of the Pure Oxygen Scalp Treatment?

  • Prevent excessive hair fall
  • Strengthen hair follicles for thicker and stronger hair
  • Restore volume to thinning hair
  • Increase scalp blood flow and circulation to activate scalp for better absorption of growth factor serums
  • Supply nutrients to stimulate healthy hair growth
  • Promote collagen regeneration 

If you’ve been dealing with scalp issues, there are more solutions beyond just your at-home or over-the-counter remedies. For effective measures, you may consider trying out the treatment to take care of your scalp quality because deep cleansing and moisturising are very important and necessary, akin to the skin on your face. If in doubt, book a consultation with our friendly team for a proper scalp analysis to figure out what treatment would suit you best. 

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