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March 2, 2021

Stretch Marks Buster - You Never Have to Deal with Them Again


Many believe that once stretch marks appear on your body, they are here to stay. No amount of lotions and massage oils will be able to completely diminish those unsightly marks. Before we agree or disagree, first how do stretch marks appear on the body. A stretch mark usually appears on the arms, shoulders, calves, thighs, upper breasts, abdomen, and even on the buttocks. There are several causes such as pregnancy as the main cause, with abrupt gain or loss in weight, sudden growth, stress, hereditary factors, and changes in physical conditions as other causes. [1]

The epidermis (the top layer), dermis (the middle layer), and subcutaneous (the deepest layer) are the three main layers of the skin. While the connective tissue has been ‘stretched’ beyond its threshold of flexibility because of sudden shrinkage or swelling, that is when stretch marks appear. The marks are more inclined to be pink, red, purple, reddish-brown, or even dark brown, determined by your skin colour. They tend to mostly appear white though. Another point is that early stretch marks may feel slightly raised and irritable. 

The regular production cycle of collagen is broken and damaged when the collagen in our skin becomes weak as the skin is stretched. This leads to the formation of thin scars under the epidermis. At first, the stretch marks will appear pink or red, however steadily, a fine, silvery line will show up on the skin’s surface and that is how a stretch mark is created. 

The sight of stretch marks can make anyone uncomfortable about their image, though thankfully, we have several recommendations for natural remedies to diminish the appearance of stretch marks

Natural remedies to diminish the appearance of stretch marks

At-Home Stretch Mark Remedies

Castor Oil

Castor oil is not just used for hair growth but also for curing different skin problems such as dark spots, pimples, wrinkles, fines lines, age spots, and moles. Massage a few drops of the oil on the affected areas for 10 minutes in circular motions. Gently cover the skin with a soft heated towel or cloth for around 30 minutes to ensure maximum absorption of the oil. Stick to this routine for at least 30 days to see positive results. 

Lemon Juice

A cost-friendly option, lemon juice’s acidic nature allows stretch marks, acne, and scar marks to fade away gradually. With a cotton pad, dab the juice on the stretch marks generously before allowing it to soak and dry completely. Cleanse the area with warm water. One other method is to mix equal amounts of cucumber and lemon juice and dab it on the marks. Repeating this daily will ensure effective results. 

Aloe Vera

A popular skincare solution due to its healing and soothing properties, aloe vera can help to diminish stretch marks. Administer the gel on the afflicted areas and leave for 15 minutes before washing away with lukewarm water. Another solution would be to mix ¼ cup of aloe vera gel with one vitamin A and vitamin E oil capsule. Massage it onto the affected areas till absorbed completely. Repeating this daily will ensure positive results. 

Potato Juice

Potato slices are known for being used to eliminate hyperpigmentation under the arms, elbows, and knees. They also contain vitamins and minerals that are vital for the production of skin cells. Gently scrub the affected areas with a potato slice and leave the juice to absorb and dry for 10 minutes before washing it off with warm water. The potato juice will aid in diminishing the appearance of the stretch marks. 

Stretch Marks

Post-Natal Stretch Marks 

During pregnancy, the stretch marks are also known as ‘striae gravidarum’ appear as indented streaks on your body. They can take on the hue of either pink, red, blue, purple, or black even. By the third trimester, most pregnant women will experience stretch marks, especially on their bellies. They can also be visible on the buttocks, breasts, arms, and thighs.

However, not every pregnant woman will experience the woe of stretch marks or the same degree of severity. Your adrenal glands produce a hormone known as cortisone, which could erode the elasticity of the skin, making it more likely for stretch marks to form. If an individual happens to have Cushing’s Syndrome or Marfan Syndrome, they may find themselves looking at stretch marks more often.

Most women have one burning question in their minds whenever they look at their stretch marks: Will this ever go away? The good news is that yes, most stretch marks will naturally fade away gradually while the bad news is that, unfortunately, some are here to stay long-term. There are at-home treatments as well as medical treatments that can help make these marks less noticeable or even completely be eradicated.

Stretch Mark Remedies

Post-Natal Stretch Mark Remedies

Chemical Peels

These are cosmetic treatments meant to exfoliate your skin and can be performed by a dermatologist, doctor, or plastic surgeon. Another option is glycolic acid peels that can encourage collagen production in the skin which could prove effective against stretch marks. [2]

Laser Therapy

These are medical procedures that utilise lasers or distinct wavelengths of light to reduce pain, swelling, and scarring. Many experts have mentioned that laser treatments could diminish the look of stretch marks by improving the skin’s collagen production, reinstating elastin fibers, and to thicken the epidermal layer. [3]


This is a non-intrusive treatment that utilises radiofrequency waves to heat the skin’s deeper layers to initiate the four phases of wound healing, activate the making of collagen, and to firm up the skin. 14 (87.5%) out of the 16 subjects in a study agreed that they noticed visible changes to their stretch marks after the radiofrequency treatment.[4]

Lotions/Creams containing Cocoa Butter or Vitamin E

A widely approved recommendation as during and after pregnancy they are safe to use and can aid in keeping the skin hydrated which in turn also reduces the itching. By massaging the lotion/cream regularly on to their stretch marks, women will be able to see positive results.

LDM® + Neogen Plasma Stretchmark Buster Combo

One of our top recommendations would be LDM + Neogen Plasma Stretchmark Buster Combo from Cambridge Therapeutics to remove stretch marks.

Stretch marks are a form of scarring that the sudden expansion and contraction of the skin leads to the collagen to rupture causing stretch marks to form when the skin repairs itself. Some of the more common reasons are pregnancy, sudden weight loss or gain, intense weight training, and puberty. They can take on shades of pink, red, brown, and purple in their first appearance, contingent upon your skin tone. These can appear slightly raised and be irritated. Gradually, the colour will fade and these early stretch marks will appear whitish-silver with slight depressions. 

Despite experts saying that stretch marks are permanent and here to stay, there are treatments such as the stretch mark buster combo offered by Cambridge therapeutics that can diminish the appearance of the stretch marks but relieve the irritation they cause. This treatment is safe, non-intrusive, and non-surgical that does not need needles, anesthetic, or any downtime. 

When used in conjunction with each other, LDM’s ultrasound micro-massage waves and Neogen Plasma’s ionised gases are used to revive collagen, restore elastin fibers, torn, and stretched skin. 

This means that our clients will be able to return to their standard routine right after the treatment. It requires little time and gives effective results quickly. This in turn makes this treatment offered by Cambridge Therapeutics a great choice over the other solutions for women postnatal who are looking to get rid of their stubborn, unsightly stretch marks in a highly positive way. 

Before and After treatment
*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary


A non-intrusive technology that cures different skin problems such as stretch marks within the dermis and epidermis. It uses ultrasonic energy at remarkably higher frequencies allowing it to increase a powerful micro-massage effect on the tissue structures. This micro-massage initiates fibroblasts and enhances skin structure and tissue elasticity, and tightens connective skin tissues. Furthermore, it strengthens collagen cross-linking and refines pH changes in the skin.

LDM offers three main benefits: 

1) LDM® controls Bad enzymes MMPs (Matrix Metalloproteinases)
Local Dynamic Micromassage (LDM) is established on rapid ultrasonic frequency oscillations 100-1000 times per second. Aesthetic treatments tend to pivot on generation processes in connective tissue equilibrium. Research heavily emphasises the significance of the deterioration of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). These are present in connective tissue metabolic disorders leading to varied skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, chronic ulcers, and many more which could be involved in skin ageing. LDM inhibits MMPs, curbing the damaging effect on the tissues, returning the skin to its regular collagen metabolism state. 

2) LDM® activates HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins)
LDM can expand the reproduction potential of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs) which helps in constructing skin immunity. A family of proteins, HSPs are created to aid the skin fight stressful conditions such as sun exposure and other exposures to extreme temperatures, etc. 

3) LDM® increases the content of GAGs (Glycosaminoglycans)
With the potential to expand the moisture content in the skin and enhance its metabolism. By expanding skin turgor, effectively enhances skin texture, skin tone, and strengthens the skin immunity barrier.

After undergoing treatments, improvement in the skin’s appearance is noted after the first session. Clients are recommended to go for sessions twice a week between 4-6 weeks before going for a maintenance session once every 2-3 months apart.

What are the benefits of LDM compared to Lasers?

  • No Pain
  • No Needles
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Can be used in combination with other aesthetic treatments
  • No downtime
  • Quick, visible results
  • Boosts results, diminishes inflammation & redness, stimulates faster healing

Neogen Plasma

The Neogen Plasma is also known as the 4th state of matter operates by administering millisecond pulses of nitrogen-based plasma to the skin. This aids in activating the construction of collagen and elastin fibers.

This treatment has been verified to be quite efficacious for several dermatological concerns. Neogen Plasma administers plasma energy in extremely precise, controlled pulses to produce regulated quick heating of the tissue which activates an important physiological response without causing any harm to the surrounding tissues. This aids in polishing the image of scars such as stretch marks, acne scars, and old surgical scars.

There are three key advantages of Neogen Plasma when diminishing stretch marks and other scars:

1)    Deep Dermis Healing 
This encourages healing and cell regeneration from the deep dermis layers.

2)    Skin Peeling Effect
When skin is restored from the subcutaneous layer, the unwanted dead skin is eliminated quietly. In comparison with other various peeling treatments such as chemical peels, the Neogen Plasma treatment is just as formidable and effective. 

3)    Increases Skin Absorption Efficiency
After this treatment, the skin’s absorption rate elevates exponentially which allows the administration of massage oils and creams much more efficacious against stretch marks 

It is important to note that every woman's body heals differently after pregnancy and so some patience is required when experimenting with the above recommendations. Depending on the severity of the stretch marks, recovery time can vary according to the individual and the treatment they opt for. We would advise you to talk to your doctor for more information if you are unsure.

Enjoy your first trial of our Stretch Mark Buster Combo – LDM® + Neogen Plasma
at $450. For our latest promotions, visit our Stretch Mark Buster Combo – LDM® + Neogen Plasma page here

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