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July 16, 2016

Nina Ng's Secret to Effortless Beauty

Nina Ng

Nina Ng's Secret to Effortless Beauty

The key to svelte mum of three Nina Ng’s ageless beauty, surprisingly, lies in very simple routines, including beauty quick fixes at Cambridge Therapeutics.

By Singapore Tatler on April 01, 2016

Nina keeps her body svelte with regular yoga, and is a fan of Venus Legacy slimming treatments at Cambridge Therapeutics.

Gown by Isabel Sanchis, her own; Liens ring and Josephine bracelet, both by Chaumet

Getting to know Nina

Nina Ng wears many different faces. A doting mum of three and loving wife, she’s also a woman of faith. Strong values are at the core of Nina’s life. And what gives her life colour comes from her impeccable taste, from her fashion choices to her food preferences. Many on the social circuit also know her as Miss Congeniality, the effervescent woman adds sparkle to every occasion.

A typical day could see Nina having breakfast with her family before seeing her kids off to school then ticking off items on her to-do list. A frequent traveller who loves shopping in Europe, she has recently been making a number of trips to London where her eldest daughter is studying, but when she is in town, she participates in Bible study groups and supports welfare homes.

Nina’s fashion fave

Her affable personality means she has a large social circle, and come afternoons, it is not unusual for Nina and her friends to be enjoying a tete-a-tete at a hip cafe or attending VIP previews of the latest collections by top jewellery and fashion labels. Come evenings, this fashion It girl may be seen at glitzy social events in head-turning style as she pairs gowns from favourite brands like Isabel Sanchis with statement jewellery from the likes of Damiani, Cartier and Flower Diamond Boutique, where she gets customised pieces.

“For casual wear, my go-to brand is Givenchy, and I like Louis Vuitton for its shoes and bags. However, most days, I’m in my gym outfit as I attend exercise classes thrice a week,” she says.

A wardrobe to die for is one thing, but what makes this 40-year-old the envy of many is her radiant skin and svelte body. How does she do it when other 40-something mums battle issues such as pigmentation, wrinkles, double chins, cellulite and sagging skin? Nina puts it down to “a healthy, sustainable lifestyle”.

“Cambridge Therapeutics helps me to upkeep my silhouette and youthful look. It is also a meeting place for me and my girlfriends to chat about the latest wellness treatments.”

Her beauty secrets

Discipline and balance are key. A regular part of her routine is yoga, which strengthens the body and also promotes better sleep, relaxation and well-being. Also, nothing too complicated for the busy lady, please. “Even my beauty routine is simple as I have little time to spare,” she says.

When it comes to her choice of treatments, she goes only for those that are done in minimum time but with maximum efficacy so they don’t make a dent in her schedule packed with favourite pursuits like entertaining friends, gourmet dining with her husband and enjoying her favourite foods of sashimi, and indulgences like foie gras and French osetra caviar.

Nina carries off an amazing wardrobe with her trim figure and youthful radiance — and a sparkling personality to boot.

Gown by Marchesa Notte, from Net‑A‑Porter.com; jewellery by Chaumet.

How Cambridge Therapeutics helped Nina

To keep her face and body in top form, she makes fortnightly visits to Cambridge Therapeutics. Her preferred beauty centre, it has a wide range of cutting-edge, non-invasive and medically proven treatments, like the new Venus Legacy treatment that lifts the face and neck area, and reduces stubborn fat, and fights cellulite and stretch marks on the body. Cambridge Therapeutics is one of only two certified Platinum Status Venus Legacy Centres in Singapore.

Nina is already a fan: “I prefer non-invasive and painless treatments with no downtime. I hadn’t quite achieved my desired body shape despite working out at least thrice weekly. I trust Dr Lee Mun Heng’s recommendations. With the Venus Legacy treatment, I was able to reduce stubborn fat around my thighs.”

Balance is key for sustainable beauty. So, doctors recommend regular exercise and sensible eating habits to accelerate fat removal and prolong the treatment’s effects.

With quick and effective treatments in her beauty arsenal plus a healthy outlook, looking great couldn’t be easier for Nina.


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