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January 4, 2016

Double Eyelids Without Surgery - How It Works


Non Surgical Double Eyelids in Singapore

The trend of attempting to create the double eyelid look in Singapore is growing. In fact, it eye lifts are even starting to be applied to Singaporeans with what can be described as ”droopy” upper eyelids. The most sought-after look would be an open and inviting set of eyes with visible eyelid skin as opposed to the closed and heavy looking eye, often making the person look swollen and tired. As such, it should come as no surprise that the double eyelid surgery is one of the most common treatments here in Singapore. But does a non surgical double eyelid treatment exist?

Non Surgical Double Eyelids with Plexr

New technologies are starting to arise, including a cutting-edge procedure called the Plexr method. A Plexr tool is a handheld surgical device that uses small electronic arc-like pulses to assign heat to a small area. The heat created in the area evaporates surface skin tissue, thus reducing the size of the eyelids painlessly and without the need for injections or incisions. This essentially results in a non surgical double eyelid creation method and it is available right here in Singapore.

Here is a detailed description of how the procedure is performed:

The upper eyelid is prepared with a numbing cream for approximately half an hour prior to the procedure and then cleaned well before beginning.

To begin the procedure, the doctor touches the tip of the Plexr device to the area of the eyelid (the excess skin) being treated. The device is now basically erasing some of the excess skin on the patient's eyelid.

The device uses plasma, or the 4th state of matter – much like a lightning strike – to take the unwanted or excess skin from the eye from a solid state to a gas state. You can start to see the small dark marks that are being left behind after the treatment. These marks will form tiny scabs that will fall away in a few days and leave behind a bit of red skin that will turn back to a normal skin color within a period of days.

The patient at this point has indicated that on the pain scale, she is experiencing about a “2” out of a possible “10”. You can see from the patient being wide awake that this non surgical double eyelid treatment is shockingly painless. 

Notice the difference in the treated eye on the left vs. the untreated eye on the right after only a few minutes. We can already see a remarkable difference in the fold height of the visible double eyelid.

During the short recovery time, there is a medical grade concealer that can be used on the area to camouflage the treatment as it heals.

Before and after pictures – notice the amazing difference in eyelid appearance and fold height. 

The Plexr non surgical double eyelid method has no side effects, and the patient is aesthetically back to normal (and even better than normal) within days. 

Contact us now for more information on this unique non surgical double eyelids creation in Singapore.


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