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November 5, 2020

We Answer 10 FAQs about the Needleless Rejuran


Did you know that your skin can deteriorate due to various stimuli such as pollution or extended exposure to ultraviolet rays? These external factors can bring about a decrease in collagen and elastin, thinning of the dermal layer, as well as a decrease in skin elasticity. From the age of 25 onwards, skin ageing affects both men and women [1] and by healing the skin from the inside out, Rejuran counters these effects of ageing.

What exactly is Rejuran?

Rejuran Healer is a new concept of a skin healing treatment that has encountered much fame especially in Korea and Japan, leading to other Asian countries. It gained popularity for offering effective reduction and healing signs of ageing, by leaving the skin, soft, smooth, luminous, and much more hydrated. 

Comprised of polynucleotides (PN), or polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), these are derived from salmon DNA for its unique skin rejuvenating properties especially when it meets human skin. As it is similar to human DNA, the serum has been used for aesthetic purposes such as anti-ageing treatments, skin rejuvenation and skin regeneration. 

rejuran chemical formula

Traditionally, Rejuran Healer is delivered via several injection points. These injection points cause bumps all over the face leading to longer downtime and healing. People began looking for painless, needleless alternatives and we answered by introducing the Needleless Rejuran. Individuals will face no needles, no pain, no scarring and no downtime and yet experience visible same-day results.

Is Rejuran really made from Salmon Sperm?

Yes, Rejuran is composed of a DNA fragment, PDRN, that is extracted from salmon sperm. The products also do not contain any odours of fish as it has been processed and purified for the use of medical aesthetics. Rejuran is stable, safe, and biocompatible with human skin. [2]

The other 5 ingredients that make up Rejuran Booster - Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Vitamin C, GSH Antioxidant, Anti-Pigmentation Agent - has been noted to help with cell regeneration and repair as it has effective brightening and potent regenerative qualities, encourages elastin and collagen production, aids in maintaining the skin elasticity as well as firming and toning. Rejuran also provides anti-inflammatory benefits that help in tissue and wound repair. [3] To summarise, if you are looking to slow down the signs of ageing, you can consider Needleless Rejuran.

needleless rejuran by cambridge therapeutics banner

What is the difference between PDRN & PN?

Polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) is a subtype of Polynucleotides (PN) though they both have healing and anti-ageing effects. PDRN helps in effectively healing the skin structure while PN works to act as structural support as the skin heals and stays in the skin longer. 

How can Rejuran be administered without needles?

Introduced as an innovative concept to the aesthetic world, Needleless Rejuran is a clinically proven procedure with no needles, no pain, and no downtime. The device distributes instant product penetration deep into the dermis via a non-invasive method that is comfortable and relaxing, without ever hurting the surrounding skin cells and tissues. In comparison to injections, that form micro-wound openings, leading to longer downtime for healing and recovery.

Through a transdermal delivery system, we use the advanced technology JetPRO to administer the Rejuran into the skin. The entire treatment lasts just 45 minutes; however, patients will discover that the procedure allows them to discover the very best version of themselves with confidence through the calming, comfortable, relaxing and effective treatment process that is Needleless Rejuran.

Is Rejuran safe if I am allergic to Salmon?

Rejuran is derived from Salmon DNA, hence, individuals who are allergic to salmon or seafood are advised not to try the treatment.

Will I get the same effect as a Rejuran Healer injection? 

Only 70-80% of the Rejuran applied to the skin will be absorbed and delivered. 20-30% of the product will remain on the surface. In comparison, the Rejuran injection method has an 80-95% product penetration and absorption.

Is Needleless Rejuran painful? 

One of the points most noteworthy about Needleless Rejuran is that the device, JetPRO, uses no needles and that there is no skin breakage at all. This emphasises that the treatment is 100% non-invasive, comfortable, painless, with zero downtime. Patients can go back to their daily routine promptly after the treatment with no healing time. 

In fact, our clients often raved that the Needleless Rejuran is comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic!

What are the benefits of the Needleless Rejuran?

Needleless Rejuran actively revitalises the skin by promoting growth by improving skin hydration levels and skin elasticity with anti-ageing benefits as well as reding the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face, the neck, and around the eyes, for an improved skin texture that is softer and firmer.

This brings about skin normalisation, strengthens and thickens the foundational layers of the skin including regulating sebum production that promotes excellent skin regeneration effects where new skin cells form a stronger defence barrier against environment and non-environmental factors that cause premature ageing of the skin. 

Needleless Rejuran also aids in improving and brightening the skin tone as well as exerting an anti-inflammatory effect to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and pigmentation disorders such as melasma.

There are several more benefits of Needleless Rejuran, and the procedure has been proven safe, with quick visible results and no adverse reactions.

  • Effectively moisturises the skin
  • Lightens hyperpigmentation and brightens skin
  • Refines skin elasticity
  • Enhances collagen & elastin scaffolding structure
  • Balances sebum and hydration levels
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and open pores
  • Aids acne-prone skin
  • Lessens fine lines & wrinkles
  • Fights free radicals
  • Noticeable results on the same day

Needleless Rejuran would be a solution for you if you’re seeking for long-lasting skin renewal and healing, wishing to restore the skin’s balance of oil and moisture, lighten up pigmentation such as age spots or sun spots and are looking to lighten them. If you have large pores and would like to improve your skin’s texture as well as even out and brighten up the skin tone. As an individual, if you are looking for a more natural alternative to treat lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead as well as combat the effects of ageing before they even show up. 

rejuran bottles at cambridge therapeutics

How long is the Needleless Rejuran procedure?

The procedure itself takes about 60 minutes, excluding the consultation. Patients will be able to return to their daily routine once the treatment is over. Some of the patients, on certain occasions, may experience slight swelling and redness in the areas treated. They should not worry, as this calms down within a few hours. They should also avoid sports and exercise as well as excessive heat for a day after the treatment.

The procedure has 3 steps:

The treatment starts with Lymphatic Drainage that is a relaxing and pleasant massage for detoxifying the skin and stimulating micro-circulation 

The next step is HydraDermabrasion, the gentle removal of dead skin cells to prepare the skin to receive nourishment when infusing Rejuran for best absorption of the serum

The last step is where we will use JetPRO to deliver powerful, fine, misty jet streams of high-velocity Rejuran to create microchannels to facilitate the deep subdermal delivery of the Rejuran.

woman getting rejuran injection without needles

Needleless Rejuran takes a certain amount of time to observe any noticeable improvements in the individual’s skin as the ingredient, PDRN, takes some time to work and show the skin effects as well as repair the skin from the inside. 

Results can be seen instantly after the first session for most clients. For a treatment programme, we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions with a gap of 3-4 weeks for each session. Results can last up to 6 to 9 months, depending on aftercare, lifestyle, skin constitution, etc.

After the first round of 6 sessions, clients can also continue on a maintenance programme every 4 to 6 months.

How much does it cost to do the Needleless Rejuran? 

Enjoy your first trial of our Needleless Rejuran at only $380. For our latest promotions, visit our Needleless Rejuran page here.

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