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illumiLASER  treatment

What does Cambridge Therapeutic's illumiLASER Hair Activator do?

Cambridge’s illumiLASER Hair Activator uses Bio-stimulation to increase nutrient transport and cellular ATP production of cells in the inter-membrane space of the scalp. Using 148 laser diodes specifically set at 650nm and 670nm wavelengths, there is evidence of increased ATP synthesis which dramatically increases the mobilization of calcium ion stores. This clinically proven therapy is shown to lead to increased protein production, intracellular nutrient acquisition and cell proliferation.

illumiLASER results *results vary based on the individual

Suitable for:

  • Both Men and Women
  • Initial Recommended Interval: Twice every week for the 1st 8 weeks
  • Maintenance Interval: Once a week


Results to Expect

  • Stabilization of hair loss
  • Followed by hair regrowth
  • Increase in hair thickness
  • SAFE low-level photon laser that does not use heat to stimulate scalp repair & healing
  • It is non-thermal, non-invasive & painless


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