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What is Genosys Hair Growth Therapy?

Combining the best of cell science with new enriched formulas, Genosys Hair Growth is a therapy recommended for the maintenance of a healthy scalp and abundant hair. Using a unique HR3 MATRIX technology, this innovative system is the product of highly respected Korean research that targets Hair Regrowth, Hair Restoration and Hair Regeneration.

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This treatment encourages new blood cell formation, increases hair thickness while supplying nutritive supplements to the hair follicles and effectively extends the growth phase of our hair cycle. Comfortable and highly effective, this treatment deep cleanses hair and pores leaving your scalp feeling healthy and ultra clean.


Before and After Clinical Photos

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*results vary based on the individual
  • Suitable for: Hair Regrowth, Hair Restoration, Hair Regeneration
  • Initial Recommended Interval: Twice a week
  • Maintenance Interval: Once a month

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