EyeBRITE - Dark Eye Circles Treatment (Collagen Stimulator)

Dark Eye Circles Treatment Singapore

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Cambridge's EyeBRITE is a patented triple-acting collagen stimulating dark eye circles treatment and solution for eyebags and tired under eyes. It is specially indicated for improving the tear trough area.

It is designed to improve hydration and restore volume using collagen stimulation although individual results may vary. For successfully treated cases, dark eye circles treatment's ingredients give a sustained repairing action for skin suffering from ageing conditions.

This treatment is recommended for

  • Dark Eye Circles treatment
  • Non-Surgical Improvement of Eyebag Fat
  • Improving sunken tear trough areas

diagram of damaged skin and collagen helaing

What are the benefits of EyeBRITE (Dark eye circles treatment)?

EyeBRITE has 3 main benefits. Using a patented collagen stimulator, EyeBrite is able to REJUVENATE, REFRESH and RESHAPE the area it is treating. The results are visible immediately and keeps improving progressively over time, although individuals outcomes might vary.


Using micro-collagen stimulation, this revolutionary procedure allows deep penetration of into the dermis layer, prompting skin cells to quickly build up a supply of collagen. Skin builds inner resilience and looks clearer.


Irregular skin is smoothened out and face looks more youthful. Collagen is stimulated to fill wrinkles and replenishes volume for a firm and youthful appearance.


Glycolic acid, a natural occurring fruit acid is applied to soften epidermal barrier lipids giving a boost of elasticity within the skin layers. The undereye area is lightened and looks more radiant.

Clinical Photos eyebrite before after clinical photos eyebrite before after clinical photos

*pictures are from actual treatments although individual results may vary

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