Clatuu 360 Fat Freeze (Fat Freezing)

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Cambridge’s new Clatuu 360 Fat Freeze is in Singapore! A non-invasive treatment recommend for fat removal. It is an improved version of the proven fat freezing technology in Singapore and uses a modified 360 degree surround cooling method for higher cooling conductivity. Cold temperatures can reduce fat survival rates and is used to kill fat and reduce the thickness of fat layers. Using methods of controlled cooling on targeted areas or body areas such as love handles can greatly aid body contouring abilities and, to a lesser extent, losing weight. The non invasive and non surgical nature of fat freezing also allows the treated areas to be less susceptible from adverse effects post treatment.


This treatment targets stubborn fat deposits without discomfort and surgery. There is no down-time yet gives safe and long-lasting results, although individual outcomes may vary. Recommended treatment areas are the tummy, thighs, arms and back.

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How does this treatment compare to older fat freeze treatments IN SINGAPORE?

clatuu treatment diagramWhile fat reduction using fat freezing technology in Singapore has been around for quite a while now, new developments have led to even more precise clinical results at affordable prices, such as the new Clatuu.

This treatment has advanced treatment options and uses an improved fat freeze technology in Singapore. The treatment features double applicators whereas older versions tend to be single applicator only. Choice of wing-type and flat-type handpieces means the patient can now treat all possible treatment areas with wider treatment areas being targeted, in the same amount of time.

The latest 360 technology allows precisely controlled all round cooling that yields yet better results at a rapid speed.

  • Wider treatment areas
  • Treats all possible body areas
  • Measurable and Visible results
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Saves time


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Key advantages of Clatuu 360 fat freezing

  • Easy fuss-free treatments
  • Effective fat reduction
  • No downtime
  • No needles nor anesthesia required
  • USA FDA approved
  • Wide treatment area
  • Faster compared to other treatments


Before and After Clinical Photos of fat freezing from Singapore

clatuu fat freeze before and after clinical photos

*photos are from actual treatment although individual results may vary


Results to expect

The average circumferential reduction for abdomen fat is 4 to 5 cm per session and up to 2 inches after 4 sessions. For the thigh and arm area, average circumferential reduction is  up to 1 inch after 4 sessions.  Please note that these are averages over our data set and individual results will vary. 



Awards & Accolades

Cambridge is a proud to be the ONLY centre to be recognised as a Platinum Centre of Excellence in providing Clatuu’s latest fat freeze treatment in Singapore. Our therapists are trained according to the official protocol and follow the highest standards of service.

 Cambridge Therapeutics Platinum Centre of Excellence award



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