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Stem cells are special cells that have the ability to develop into other essential cells, often stimulating wound healing and encouraging cell strengthening. This makes Stem Cell therapy highly regarded in its use to treat or prevent skin conditions. Cambridge's Advanced STEMCELL systems therapy uses Cord Lining Stem Cells that is Japanese FDA approved. It is a 1st-of-its-kind STEMCELL therapy that is both proven and safe. Using StemCell serum of 80% potency, this 4 session program comes with its own high-potency StemCell cream for home-care to further strengthen skin and speed up its anti-ageing and healing abilities.

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Ultra-high medical-grade potency Stem Cells

This product was discovered by scientists at CellRearchCorp over 10 years of Cord lining Stem Cell research. A 4-week program can

  1. Improve skin Fullness & Elasticity,
  2. Accelerate Skin Recovery,
  3. Reduce fine lines,
  4. Lighten Pigmentation and
  5. Improve Epidermal Translucency as old pigmentation cells are shed.
  • Suitable for: All skin types except those with active acne
  • Initial Recommended Interval: Once a week
  • Maintenance Interval: Every 3 months
  • For professional use only

reduction of pigmentation

restoration of skin fullness

*results vary based on the individual

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