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RF Slimming (Radiofrequency slimming treatment)

RF Slimming

Radiofrequency is a type of energy, determined by the number of wavelengths emitted per second and classified according to their frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum. Radiofrequency is considered one of the calmer waves on the electromagnetic spectrum and helps with slimming by producing heat safely, which can safely penetrate the skin’s deep layer to induce it to produce more collagen and elastin, helping you achieve tighter skin for a slimmer look.

A lack of collagen or skin elasticity can cause issues such as sagging skin, love handles or cellulite to form on areas such as the tummy, buttocks, or thighs. This is particularly the case for women, since it is where the female body tends to store fats. Sagging skin is also a result of how female bodies distribute fat, muscle, and connective tissue naturally. In fact, up to 90% of women will experience the formation of cellulite at some point in their lives. However, radiofrequency treatments such as those offered by Cambridge, allows patients to look slimmer by tightening the skin without any risk of permanent skin discolouration. This makes it an extremely safe and effective option that is highly recommended by our team of expert medical technicians.

The safety of our clients is a top concern at Cambridge, and as such, we use only the safest treatment methods that have been tested and approved by the USA FDA. Radiofrequency is an extremely safe treatment method because it is highly controlled by technologically advanced equipment that targets specific tissues at an optimal temperature. This guarantees the best results while also ensuring that the skin is not overheated. The excellent safety profile of radiofrequency treatments has also been backed up by clinical studies, making it suitable for a wide variety of slimming treatments. Another reason for the safety of radiofrequency slimming treatments such as the ones offered by Cambridge is its non-invasive and non-surgical nature, meaning that no needles, anaesthetics nor downtime is involved. Radiofrequency treatments can be done quickly, and also involves no downtime, allowing you to return to your normal daily routine very quickly, unlike other disruptive and risky treatment options that might not yield the same visible results as radiofrequency slimming.

RF Slimming Technology at Cambridge Therapeutics

RF Slimming

*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary


Onda Coolwaves™ is the latest treatment in the medical aesthetic scene that helps you permanently remove fat in a safe and effective way. Coolwaves™ refer to special microwaves that selectively target fat cells to reduce unwanted fat deposits in localized areas a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment. The device used for OndaCoolwaves™ has a high-tech skin cooling system which knows which parts of the skin to cool. This will counteract the heat emitted through the microwaves, ensuring that the derma is safely preserved. The absolute comfort of the patient is guaranteed, and the risk of getting inflammation and side effects is dramatically reduced.

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Vanquish Me RF Slimming treatment Vanquish Me RF Slimming treatment

*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary

Vanquish Me RF Slimming treatment

Vanquish Me is the world's first device that removes fat permanently through contactless and non-invasive treatment. It uses selective radiofrequency to achieve significant results in circumferential reduction, fat reduction, and body shaping. The Vanquish Me treatment does not involve any surgery, needles or anaesthetics, making it a safe and effective choice for all healthy patients who have been unable to get rid of persistent pockets of fats. The Vanquish Me treatment targets the layer of fat by emitting selective radiofrequency energy, heating the fat cells to 45 degrees to kill them while ensuring that the skin and surrounding tissues are unaffected. The fat cells are later eliminated through the body’s natural process, guaranteeing you visible results.

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Venus Legacy RF Slimming programme Venus Legacy RF Slimming programme

*pictures are from actual treatment, but individual results may vary

Venus Legacy RF Slimming programme

The Venus Legacy Slimming programme uses Smart Thermal Radiofrequency combined with patented MP2 Magnetic Pulse and VariPulse technology to safely penetrate the deeper body tissues. It uses the most advanced medical-grade slimming technology for fat reduction, cellulite reduction and body shaping. This treatment uses proprietary algorithms to bring together renowned modalities of the radiofrequency and magnetic field that maintain a safe and evenly distributed energy delivery system. As such, it is suitable for face slimming and double-chin reduction, as well as fat removal from the tummy thighs, and arms. Clients can expect significantly visible results, such as inch-loss and spot slimming if they complete the programme at the recommended initial weekly treatments and receive monthly maintenance treatments.

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