Cambridge Medical Group founder: Let your Inner beauty shine

A beautiful new world

Dr Lee Mun Heng, founder of Cambridge Medical Group, shared how to become a famous plastic surgery doctor from the engineering family.

By ICON Singapore on November 21, 2018



Dr Lee Mun Heng, the founder of the local Cambridge Medical Group, has become one of the best plastic surgery clinics in the country in just a few years. He was born from an engineering family, and his grandfather runs an iron factory in the region of Kallang, specializing in making iron drums for biscuit and chocolate companies and Japanese paint companies. Most of his childhood memories are playing hide-and-seek with his brothers and sisters in the factory in Nuo Da; this happy and day without worries lasts until the Asian financial crisis.

Dr. Lee said: "When I was a child, my father often told me that he had always wanted to do medical science. Later he changed his mind because of the will of his grandfather, but he always regretted making this decision." With the lessons of the past, the enlightened father asked him to decide his future. On the road, he resolutely chose to study medicine and surgery at the University of Cambridge, England, and received the Cambridge Federal Trust Scholarship. At that time, plastic surgery was not popular, and it belonged to the Department of Surgery.

Aesthetic doctor is about beauty. In the very early stage in his life, he was enlightenment. Since childhood, he has been interested in beautiful things. "We are surrounded by beautiful things, whether is its beautiful sounds or beautiful engineering design, they are all beautiful. I cherish and appreciate them all.” Lead him into the plastic surgery hospital of Raffles horses is Dr. Walter Tan. “My first job back from the UK was to assist Raffles Hospital in setting up a plastic surgery department.” He is in the hospital. He is the manager of the Plastic Surgery and Beauty Center and the manager of the Internal Medicine and Oncology Center. He is also responsible for training doctors in anti-aging medicine and plastic surgery. His multiple duties have enabled him to absorb a wealth of professional knowledge during his tenure, and he has become interested in plastic surgery and beauty, and has gone to Korea, Japan, Italy and other places for further study.

"At the time, there was no plastic surgery related training in the local area. I still remember that 10 years ago, I went to the south of Italy to learn the thread lifting technology. At that time, South Korea had not risen yet. So, in order to learn about skin lasers and some high-tech treatments, you must fly to Japan. Today's plastic surgery doctors are much more fortunate than we were. At present, local hospitals already have relevant courses and training."











After many years of training, Dr. Lee has been an experienced plastic surgery department, and his aesthetics are even more curious to others. He is a father and he feels that parents should not focus on the appearance of children. "There is only one childhood, so it should be a happy one. I have very good parents, I hope that I can become a good father." He also believes that "people are not perfect, perfection is just a state of mind."

Compared with perfection, he hopes that patients have confidence in themselves. “In the guest's life, I am a small but important. Sometimes, they come to see me not for any surgery. In fact, they come and have a chat with me. It is reasonable to say that the relationship between Cambridge Medical Group and the guests is beyond aesthetic doctors and guests, but friends. 


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