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August 29, 2018

Eye Bag Removal: Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Options in Singapore

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Eye Bag Removal: Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Options in Singapore

Eye bags are no fun – they strip the shine out of our eyes, making us look tired and grim. And who wants to attain such an appearance? It’s no wonder then that we spend hundreds of bucks trying to conceal the relentless signs of ageing. We would do anything to reverse the clock, even if that means putting our bodies through a medically-unnecessary procedure like eye bag removal.

But when you are finally presented with all the options, you start to wonder which one is better – incisional or non-incisional. To make your pondering a little less daunting, here are more details about surgical and non-surgical treatments for bags under eyes.

What Causes the Need for Eye Bag Removal?

As age advances, gravity and time eventually take over. And it’s not too long before we see the first glaring signs of it on our skin. The under-eye region, being the thinnest and softest area on the face, seems to be affected by this the most.

Puffy eyes are not cool and they certainly don’t make us look our best. It could be that the tissue becomes loose, resulting in saggy skin, or that fat is gradually lost. The latter leaves deep indentations under the peepers – the so-called “tear trough hollows”. And they are not exciting at all.

Sometimes the puffiness we are so fiercely trying to hide is hereditary – because mommy and daddy didn’t give us only the good stuff. Not to mention, water retention leaves its marks on the skin too.

Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: we don’t like it and we want it gone. Now and forever. Luckily, there are quite a lot of solutions we can put to the test. But which one will prove effective?

Surgical Methods

Surgical eye bag removal is known as blepharoplasty.

The latter is a fancy word for a type of operation that can be performed on both the lower and upper lids. In addition to disposing of excess skin and helping move fatty tissue around, it can smooth fine lines and small wrinkles. The end result is youthful-looking eyes, no sagging or bags.

And while blepharoplasty tightens and firms the tissue, there is no denying it comes at a cost. The doctor has to make cuts here and there. The thought of a scalpel going near your face, especially your eyes, is the scariest of all. And although modern techniques minimise the possibility of scarring, it’s still a likely outcome.

The procedure

A surgeon cuts the skin under the eye to reposition or eliminate fat, remove extra skin and tighten the tissue. Then they close the wound with stitches. As a rule, the incisions are made around the natural creases of the eye, the purpose of which is to put the scar out of sight.

The results can generally be observed right after the initial swelling subsides. This means your eyes will look younger and fresher a few hours or days of the procedure is completed.


Usually, with any kind of operation, the recovery period tends to be a little longer. But when it comes to eye bag removal surgery, the time it takes for the wound to heal completely is minimal. Overall, you will be able to continue your daily regimen a couple of days post-surgery.

Side effects

If the procedure goes wrong, it may result in double vision, difficulty sleeping, insufficient or excessive tearing, and more. It is also possible that the patient develops a blurry vision. While these are quite adverse aftereffects, there are some unpleasant consequences that are okay to happen, such as swelling and bruising. If you notice anything else that bothers you, make sure to communicate it to your doctor forthwith.


  • It can yield long-lasting results
  • It works for moderate to severe eye bags

Downsides [1]

  • Cutting involved
  • Loss of blood
  • Use of general anaesthesia
  • Increased risk of infection
  • Longer downtime
  • Severe side effects are possible

Non-surgical Methods (Non-surgical eye bag removal)

The newest non-invasive techniques involve scarless eye bag removal. Some methods use radio frequency, others go with hyaluronic acid – a natural matter existent in the human body. Some remove face excess fat, others fill in the deficiencies. Each treatment works in a slightly different way than the other, but they all have the same goal at hand – eliminating eye bags.

The procedure

In most cases, the cosmetic counterpart of plastic surgery for eye puffiness uses a handheld device with tiny needles on it. With its help, a well-trained specialist administers hyaluronic acid or radiofrequency energy, which then triggers the production of collagen. The substance is sent under the skin, before the orbital septum. It can make the treated area plump and tight or take away excess tissue.

The results are not visible right away, as some time needs to pass before the new growth of collagen occurs (four months at best). When this happens, the skin tightens and the bags diminish.


No surgery means it’s less invasive, hence these procedures bear little to no risk at all. The downtime factor is also a criterion. In most cases, one can resume their normal activities immediately, though the treated eye area might appear red or bruised for hours afterwards.

Side effects

That’s the beauty of non-incisional methods – they are quite gentle on the skin. They work in unison with the body’s natural processes, not against them. Hence, it is very rare that you experience any side effects. Still, be prepared to face some redness and/or bruising.


  • Zero scarring
  • No downtime
  • Quick and easy
  • No anaesthesia used
  • Minimal side effects
  • No special preparation needed


  • The effects do not show immediately. Besides, they are temporary, so top-ups are necessary.
  • Scarless eyebag removal only works for mild to moderate bags; if you don’t fall in this category, you are highly unlikely to get satisfactory results.
  • In some cases, non-invasive procedures are less expensive than traditional treatments. But it depends on how many sessions you want to undergo. In the long run, blepharoplasty comes cheaper.

So, Which is Better After All: Surgical or Non-surgical?

You need to understand that there is no right or wrong answer here. One treatment is not necessarily more efficient than the other. They all have their pros and cons and they all affect people differently. It is up to you and, mostly, your doctor to decide on the best course of action.

Whether a given procedure can work for you depends on your case and what you are willing to achieve. For instance, if you prefer a more natural appearance, you may want to stick with eye bag removal without surgery. However, if you are after a more permanent solution, you will be better off having an operation.

Not to mention, it’s the quality and laxity of your skin that will be determinative of the type of procedure you need. And if your budget is small, the price will be a factor too.

In the end, it is a tough choice to make. You have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of all types of treatments so that your final decision is based on facts rather than emotions.

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