450 Pico Laser – Bubble Lift

Effective treatment of Acne Scars in Singapore

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What is the Pico Laser Bubble Lift?

The Pico Laser Bubble Lift is a treatment that specifically treats Acne Scars and Large Pores. It uses the latest and fastest PICO 450 LASER that has revolutionized the ND:YAG laser scene, replacing the older picolaser and nanolaser models.

Faster and newer lasers for Acne Scars?

ND:Yag lasers are created at different speeds. The speed tells us how powerful the laser is, which in turn dictates the efficacy of the treatment. Generally, the faster a laser is, the better it is at acne scar removal. This is because a fast laser has a shorter duration between laser pulses, which means it gives more laser pulses every second. The lower the pulse duration, the faster the laser is.

The 450 Picolaser is able to generate a laser pulse every 450 picoseconds, making it the fastest and most superior Picolaser currently available in the aesthetic market for acne scar removal. It’s closest rival is the 750 Picolaser (also known as the PicoSure) which operates at 750 picoseconds.

Faster and newer lasers are certainly better at treating skin conditions such as acne scars and pigmentation. The Pico 450 Laser in particular works at 4 different wavelenths and is exceptional in the treatment of Acne scars and also for Skin rejuvenation.

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How does the Pico Laser Bubble Lift treat Acne Scars?

The PICO 450 laser with its immense speed and precision, converge below the skin and cause controlled micro-explosions to generate tiny bubbles.

These bubbles fill up with collagen during the healing process and create a “lift” effect to raise depressed acne scars.

In the traditional subcision method, Doctors would insert a needle under depressed acne scars to mechanically lift it up. The Pico Laser Bubble Lift replaces the subcision method completely as it causes less pain and much less trauma while doing essentially the same thing.


This Bubble Effect is a special function of the 450 PICO LASER, for the targeted treatment of acne scars and enlarged pores. It is especially effective for:

  • Depressed acne scars
  • Enlarged pores
  • Large pores on and around the nose which are traditionally hard to treat
450 pico laser bubble effect

Are there any side-effects of this treatment?

The 450 Pico Laser treatment is comfortable, painless with topical numbing cream, much lower downtime and fast recovery. It also takes lesser sessions to see results.

  • Fast recovery
  • Low downtime
  • Less thermal damage
  • No pain
  • Highly effective for Acne Scars
  • Pico toning for skin rejuvenation

Before and after Clinical Photos

Before and after Clinical Photos
Before and after Clinical Photos
Before and after Clinical Photos
Before and after Clinical Photos

Photos taken from actual patients. Individual results might vary.

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