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Kim Lim's Fit and Fab

For first-time mum Kim Lim, getting back in shape required a combination of workouts, healthy eating and slimming treatments from Cambridge Therapeutics. She shares her secrets with Karishma Tulsidas.

By Singapore Tatler on March 01, 2018

Kim Lim

Motherhood, as most women would agree, is a life‑changing experience. There is no denying the happiness that a newborn baby brings, but having a child also alters a woman’s body completely. From dealing with stubborn fat to annoying cellulite, her body needs time to recover. Kim Lim, who gave birth to a baby boy last July, can attest: the first-time mum had put on 25kg during her pregnancy, and was understandably worried about how she would lose it all post-delivery. Being a hands-on mum to baby Kyden, she is left with little time (and energy) to work out. But you would never have guessed that Kim struggled with her baby weight, as she looks just as fit and toned as she did pre-pregnancy. What are her secrets? She spills the beans.

1. Eat Right

Kim recommends a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits and grains. She adds. “I generally have cod fish, broccoli or steamed salmon as they contain nutrients essential for breastfeeding mothers.”

2. Work Out

A caesarean delivery meant that Kim was unable to work on her abs after giving birth. However, she persevered and continues to exercise lightly three to four times a week without exerting herself.

3. Address Problem Areas

While exercise and a balanced diet are imperative to losing weight, there are some stubborn areas that simply won’t budge, regardless of the amount of effort put in. For those areas, Kim relies on the invaluable expertise of Cambridge Therapeutics, where she frequents weekly for slimming treatments. In fact, after experiencing excellent results at the award-winning medical aesthetic clinic, she agreed to become its brand ambassador. The three treatments she swears by? SygmaBody by SygmaLyft, Venus Legacy and Clatuu 360°.

4. Sleep Well

Recent studies have shown that sleeping well can help you lose weight, so Kim makes sure that she gets adequate rest in order to focus her attention on baby Kyden, and also reap the many benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Tip-Top Shape

Kim Lim relies on Cambridge Therapeutics to get fit and fabulous for her wedding this year.

Nina Ng

To remove cellulite…

No matter how much anti-cellulite lotion Kim slathers on her stomach, the problem refuses to go away. The one treatment that has done wonders for her is SygmaBody by SygmaLift, which is being offered for the first time in Singapore by Cambridge Therapeutics. The body contouring treatment delivers a cold laser therapy to the targeted area, in order to break down fat cells, and thus get rid of cellulite.

To tighten loose skin…

Loose skin on the abdominal area is a common problem faced by mothers, and for Kim, the Venus Legacy treatment has been highly effective in tightening the skin around her tummy. The treatment uses patented technology to heat the underlying tissue, stimulate collagen, reduce stretch marks and tighten loose skin.

To get rid of stubborn fat…

Kim relies on the Clatuu 360° Fat Freeze treatment to get rid of that extra layer of fat in the stomach and back area. Thanks to a dual applicator, the noninvasive treatment allows the doctor to target larger areas, and with no downtime. Cambridge Therapeutics is the only Platinum Centre of Excellence in Singapore to offer the treatment.